Privacy Policy

How we use your information

We believe in keeping your information safe and secure. We are governed by the Data Protection legislation applicable in the United Kingdom and full details of what data we collect can be requested from our Data Protection Officer (contact details below) however this section provides you with some basic information and explains:

- What we do with your information.
- How we may check the information you have provided to us against other sources such as databases.
- Who we share your information with, and
- How we may use your information.

How we may collect your information

We may collect details about you from:
- Information you give to brokers.
- Information you give us in online forms and other forms.
- Other sources such as Google Earth and social media.
- Third parties and other sources.
- Telematics systems.

What information we may collect about you

We collect details including details about your health, personal circumstances, claims history, credit history, motoring history and other relevant details. We may collect information on you from databases such as the electoral roll and county court judgment records.


How we may share your information


In order to provide our services to you, we may share your information with insurance companies, solicitors, regulators, business partners and suppliers. We may also have a legal obligation to provide your information, in certain circumstances, with regulators, police and other public bodies. Information you supply may be used for the purposes of insurance administration by us and third parties. These third parties may share your information with their own agents.

How we may use your information

We may use your information for a number of purposes. These include:
- Providing you with our services.
- Dealing with your claim.
- Carrying out checks such as fraud checks and credit checks.
- Providing you with information about our products and services.

Taxi Cover - Dash-Cam only

The Doddle Cover Taxi Cover App collects and transmits data on mileage driven, driving style and location along with the time and impact speed if your insured vehicle is involved in an accident.. We will not communicate this information to you or take any action unless there is repeated occurrence of an extreme driving event.

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